Almost There – March BOTM #3

Welcome back! I actually finished this flower a couple of nights ago, but now I’m rushing to catch up with posts before tomorrow! Can you believe it’s almost April? I feel like I should have saved this book for the May project, to usher in May flowers. So cheesy…. I know.


This step is something that I would do differently next time. I looked at the instructions again, and I don’t think that I diluted the paint too much. But it doesn’t mention anywhere that water will warp the paper. They even showed someone misting it with a spray bottle. Weird. Anyway, I thought it was quite difficult to cut these out while holding them in place, trying not to stretch the folds out of the crepe paper, and working with the warping. But at least there were only four petals to cut and I got it done!

petals 2

After looking through the instructions for this flower, I realized that I never ordered any of the spun cotton buds that I needed for the center of the stamen. By the time I realized it, I didn’t have time to, so I decided to try making my own. The first one was a flop, because I didn’t twist it tightly enough and it was just super squishy even after it dried. The second one turned out just right.

stamen 2
tacky glue, stem wire and a cotton ball

stamen 1

After it dried completely, I painted it with a couple layers of acrylic paint.

paint stamen

painted stamen2

For the stamen, the instructions called for a long piece of double-sided crepe, cut with fringing scissors.



After it was fringed, I just wrapped it around the base of the bud, gluing as I went, and then taped it up nice and tight.

stamen close up

flower peices

In the next post, I’ll wrap the petals around the stem and show off the flower with lots of lovely angles. 🙂


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