60 More Quick Baby Knits – April BOTM #1

Welcome to my second month and second project! I cheated a little on this one, because this isn’t one of the books from my shelf. I JUST purchased this book and I wanted to make a project right away. And no, I’m not pregnant, because I know that will be the first thought for some of you. :p I do have a lot of pregnant friends right now, though, and once I DO have my own little one, I really want to knit for him/her. So I figured I would make some baby gifts and it would be good practice. I found several different books on Amazon, took a look at some more in Barnes and Noble, and finally decided on this one. There were several projects that I really liked and the title said they were quick…. lol…. although I really question that, now that I’m into it.


As soon as I received the book, I chose the project I wanted make and ordered the yarn. It was a hard decision, because I wanted to make a lot of the patterns, but the little sweater that I chose kept calling to me. And I liked the details in the pattern, which you’ll see later on.

All of the yarn came from loveknitting. They ship quickly and their prices are pretty good.


Here are just a few of my favorite patterns from the book:


I was really close to making the set below, but it called for more yarn than the one I chose, and I decided to keep it on the less expensive side for my first project. Yarn isn’t cheap, people! I think it’s sad that it actually costs more to make something yourself than to buy it nowadays. Not to mention all of the time it takes. But it IS satisfying.


I really want to try this wave pattern. I have never done a color pattern in my knitting before.


Here is the project I chose for this month. I decided to make the edging on the neckline, sleeves and bottom a different color, so I bought one hank of aran(color) for those portions and 2 hanks for salmon for the body. This yarn is Cascade 220 superwash sport, for anyone who’s interested. I guess it’s a special wool blend that can be washed and is good for babies. Hopefully this baby won’t have a wool allergy.


I’ve never worked with hanks of yarn before, and I found out that it was a big, fat pain to unwind them without getting completely tangled. I feel like looking into a yarn winder now….


It took me half an hour and much frustration to wind one hank.


And you can’t make a garment without first knitting a gauge swatch. Unfortunately. I always hate those extra steps. But thankfully it turned out to be the correct gauge the first time around. 🙂




I’ve made some good progress on the sweater since these photos were taken, but I’m also experiencing a bit of confusion over how it’s turning out. Keep a look out for that update in a few days. Hopefully I don’t have to start over………


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