Silly Mistakes – April BOTM #2

My last post left off with a beautiful ball of freshly wound yarn. And that is where I’ll start.

This pattern begins with a border of picot points and knit stitching, and I wanted that section to be contrasting, rather than knitting the entire sweater from one color of yarn. So I began by using my hank, now ball, of aran.


I had a critique for this book right off the bat. There are no instructional chapters that explain how to do the specific stitches in this book, or how to follow a pattern. It basically assumes that you know most of this already. There is one small area on the inside back cover, that shows stitch abbreviations and some “need to know” information, but it’s pretty sparse. The instructions say to start with a picot point cast-on, but I couldn’t find any information on how to actually do that. I’d never even heard of it before, so I had to look it up on youtube. It was pretty easy, but super time-consuming. So much for “quick” baby knits.



This project is worked in the round, so here I’m distributing my stitches across 4 needles.


I continued on with this pattern for a while before realizing that the little points on the picot edge were WAY closer together than they are in the photo. I went back to youtube to see if I’d made a mistake. No, I followed the directions exactly. So I found another video on picot cast-on and found that there are different ways of doing it! By this point I was frustrated because the edge wasn’t turning out how I wanted and I  didn’t understand the lack of important information available to me in the book.



Then, out of the blue, I noticed something.


Yup. It was right there underneath the “materials” section of the pattern. And I missed it. And it’s different than the video I watched. At this point, I really hated the way the edging looked and I didn’t want to do it the same way for the sleeves, so I just took the whole thing out and started over. Bleh. That’s the one thing I hate about knitting. I seem to take things out a lot.

I had gone pretty far before figuring out my mistake.
Starting over with the correct picot point. It went a lot faster with this method!
Finished with the edging and ready for the main body. Time to switch to salmon colored yarn!

This is the first time I’ve ever followed a graph pattern and I was a little nervous. They always looked daunting to me for some reason, but it was actually really easy! It gives me inspiration for creating my own pattern sometime, because it’s also a really good way to visualize the finished product before it’s actually knitted up.


There are a few problems with the center pattern. I didn’t realize it until the first repeat was finished, but decided to leave it because hopefully it won’t be too noticeable, and I really wasn’t in the mood to undo a whole bunch of stitching again. Basically, what I figured out had happened, is that I’m doing my yarn-over stitches wrong somehow. I figured out how to fix it so the rest of the repeats will be correct, but I’m just leaving the first one as-is.

I am really enjoying this pattern so far, now that I have the bugs worked out. We’ll see how it goes when I get to the sleeves.


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