I want to make things. I always have. Creativity is what keeps me going, what inspires me and gets me up in the morning. Working on a tiny, hand sewn animal over a cup of tea and a documentary or podcast playing in the background, is one of my happy places.

I love dolls. I always have. Dolls are the reason I began sewing in the first place and I always seem to come back. From my first love, American Girls to se,wing for high-end Himstedt dolls with my mom, to my recent discovery of the Blythe world, I can’t seem to shake the desire to outfit them and create realistic, inspiring worlds for them to exist in.

I want to decorate. I always have. When I was young, I couldn’t go long without changing the bedding and decor in my room, or switching the positions of my furniture. I get bored easily and inspired even more easily. I enjoy copying styles I’ve seen in magazines and on pinterest or my favorite store, Anthropologie. But I can’t really implement anything without making it my own.

I want to run a business. I sort of always have. When I was a child, I set up shop with a few measly, VERY poorly sewn bags, painted rocks and probably some wire and bead tiaras. I charged my sisters to  buy these sad little items from me, and they actually liked it – until my parents put an end to that. After graduation, my mom and I ran an online store, started from eBay, and selling clothing for Himstedt dolls. I have the fondest memories of that time and still miss it to this day. Now, having worked as manager in a small-town boutique for the last 8 years and counting, I have realized that I can’t go back. I need to own a business one day and I believe this is the start.

I need to follow Jesus. I always will. I’ve been through a lot of junk in my life. Most of us have. But everything I’ve been through and thought I’d never see the other end of, has drawn me closer to him. I never thought I’d see the other side of my trials and be thankful for them, but guess what? I am. I guess God actually knows what he’s doing. He’s taught me so much, and continues to. I am becoming more and more in love with him, and more and more amazed by him and what he’s given me.  I know I need to give it back. These talents are a gift from God to be stewarded and used for his glory. I want to do that.

This blog is dedicated to God, to owning a business, to decorating, to dolls and to making things. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me. I’ll be honored if you do.